Monday, February 1, 2010

Superimpose Website What Website Allows U To Upload Picture That Appear Like Their In Famous Places?

What website allows u to upload picture that appear like their in famous places? - superimpose website

I know there are sites that you can upload pictures, and then on a billboard in Times Square or something superimposed. Who knows what I mean?


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Chris P said...

I know what ru :).... They speak not want to sell your photos? Anyone can buy and use it as a billboard in Times Square ... Sometimes you can earn good money ... I had two big selling to large enterprises ... There are very nice online brokerage couple ... You should try:

One of the best examples is: Shutterstock not easy to be adopted there ... u have to send 10 photos and you can start pretty well, or the sale of your photos, very good results ...

From what probably stocks in the popular ... By its very easy to be accepted, but the state of the image selection is amazing ... Thay really only consider the best pictures ... very good results if you contact me, I send the invitation ....

Instead of the day,

Dreamstime is also an ideal place to sell the photos to ... no qualifications, you sell to send photos and ... to accept that only a very good picture .... not badArning, if you have a good portfolio

Then put it: Fotolia

no opinion, the review of the photo VRY fast, many users are not always high, but good for all, at the beginning of the adventure of values .... Low Income

and this is

Type of new shares ... Actions will be taken up very simply pictures, very nice, but the victory in the first year are not high, which is a bit better ... but the gain is still low .....

The links give you my discount code if you creat with my account links take two hundred and I do not worry just want to ... May use or use only a first part with the guidance of camp:)

Im not talking about actions such as:

Alamy and events like this the big stok agencies and is not recommended for new photographers .... Stage: It is actually impossible to accept that and start selling photos on their website ....

Be the first year, maybe not making big money, but not that BAD It took nearly a year to build portfolios r money in these days, really is not bad:)

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