Friday, January 15, 2010

Power Of Attorney To Cash Check I Have A Power Of Attorney Form To Pick Up My Boyfriend Check But?

I have a power of attorney form to pick up my boyfriend check but? - power of attorney to cash check

I have a proxy which states that I can collect, deposit cash and checks. The form was notarized by both companies in question, too. The only problem is that your employer does not release me as his driver. He showed me his manager form of proxy power, but they refuse to comply. I wonder, was there something else I can do now? He is in prison, so there is no way you can get checked soon.


Michael H said...

Difficult situation, but organizations are not usually obliged to accept Poas.

Talk to your employer is and what it is that the freedom to ensure the test is.

Also note that many banks will only accept the POA itself, so for any problems that may be prepared for it.

jusjokin... said...

Is this legal power, or simply a letter which he signed and notarized? This could be the difference in the world. If it is legal, I suggest you contact your attorney, the court issued a mandate for their help.

tiriki_2... said...

If you know a lawyer, you may receive a letter with the request that the check to the lawyer that the lawyer representing that it is delivered to the power of writing.

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